If your business loves country music like WE love country music, then you should consider becoming one of the many satisfied KiiM-FM advertisers!

So, you want to get your message on KiiM-FM!  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who should I contact for rates and info?

Call Keith Rosenblatt, Director Of Sales, at (520) 887-1000

My company would like to advertise on this website, (www.kiimfm.com). What should I do?

Just call the office at 520-887-1000 and ask for KIIM-FM Web Site Advertising.

How does my company get involved in the many great events (Country Music Festival, Freedom Festival) that KiiM-FM does?

Again, Keith's the man. Give him a ring at (520) 887-1000!

I would like to send a press release or news item to the station. How do I contact the KIIM News Room?

Call 520-887-1000 and ask for Mike Rapp in the newsroom. You can also email him at mike.rapp@cumulus.com.